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Customize the Perfect Gift!

$22 EACH


(Save 25% on orders of 10 or more!)


We are a small, family-operated business, so we have the unique ability to customize our candle labels (lid and/or jar) to your specifications! 


- Looking for a great client gift with your company logo on it?  We have you covered. 

- Bridal party gifts to commemorate your special day? For sure.   

- Do you host an Airbnb or VRBO?  We can customize candles for your special retreat!

- Small business branding. We partner with retail shops around the United States to create the perfect candle for their brand and needs.

How it works:

1. Select a scent.  Browse our selection of candles either online, or at one of our local retail partners and find your favorite.  Not nearby?  No problem! We will gladly send you samples, you just cover the shipping cost (usually about $8).

2. Label design.  Either send us your company logo or tell us what you'd like to have on your candle and we'll design it for a nominal 

fee ($1 million) (jk, it's $15). (...unless you have $1 million to throw at a candle design, then it is definitely $1 million).

3. Get excited.  Once your scent and label are nailed down we'll get to work and have your products to you soon!  

Recent Custom Orders

Recent Custom Orders...

Black Sparrow Studios


Black Sparrow Studios commissioned us to create the perfect client gift this Christmas.  The Forest candle and Black Sparrow logo worked great together.  One of their recipients has already reached out to us for gifts of their own!

Parkway Cottage Airbnb


Our friends at the Parkway Cottage Airbnb requested a custom logo design of their cottage on the jar with The Latte as their scent.  The finished product is a winning combination!

Wedding Party Gifts


Partner with FireLight and create the perfect bridal party or guest gift to commemorate your special day.  Get in touch today and let's get this party started!

Mountain Pose Boone


We created this custom candle for Mountain Pose Boone yoga studio with a lotus flower on the jar and The Mountain scent.  We loved the finished product!  Namaste, friend!


Many Design Options!

Clear or amber jars. White, gold or black jar labels with multiple options for lid labels as well!  If you can dream it up, we'll create it.  Reach out to us today for a quote or to answer any questions!



1. How long does the process take, start to finish Usually about a week.  A little longer if we need to pour multiple large batches or if the kids have a snow day.

2. How much is shipping?  It depends on where you live.  We are in NC, so shipping to neighboring states is less than shipping to somewhere out west.

3. Do you provide gift boxes?  We do!  For an extra $1 each we will expertly wrap your candles in red or brown boxes with craft honeycomb cushioning for protection.  

4. Any hidden fees?  Well, if there are any, we can't find them either.  Here's the cost breakdown for a custom order for 10 candles, in gift boxes, with labels designed by the fine folks at FireLight, shipped to the west coast.

Order #                      2021005

Name:                        New Friend 

Scent:                         The Forest

Jar Label - Custom   "Nick and Rachel  3.18.2020"

Quantity:                    10                       $220

Label Design:            Firelight              $15

Shipping:                   CA                       $35

Gift Boxes:                 Yes                      $10

Tax:                             Out of State       $0

Discount                    25%                     - $55 (Order 10 or more candles)

TOTAL:                                            $225

5. Can I pick several different scents, but use the same label?  Sure!

6. Do you create custom scents?  We do for larger orders, drop us a line and we'll chat.

7. Is there a minimum order?  1 candle. Really, just 1?  Really.  Just 1.  We could theoretically pour a half a candle if you wanted, but that seems imprudent.

8. How were you able to sneak all of these (hilarious) dad-jokes into this section?  Excellent question. My wife let me do the copy writing and didn't proofread too closely.  (No judgement, it's Saturday.)

Custom Quote
Custom Quote from FireLight

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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